My name is Marchbanks, and I am a confused old man learning WordPress…

…so that I can blog my way through a virtual walk the length of Britain from north to south. I’ll be writing about every bottle of wine I open (keeping nonsense like ‘crunchy fruit with a linear structure and well-integrated forest floor notes’ out of it) but also there will probably be posts about music, Lego, clocks, the people I meet and places I visit (both real and virtual) as I clock off the miles.

I’m learning to use Google My Maps too, and plotting my virtual position each day with various annotations. I thought it would keep an old brain occupied, but didn’t realise it would take up all the spare time I have and more besides. But here’s the result – a work in progress changing all the time as I learn more. It’s keeping me amused and if you get a little entertainment from it too, I’ll be pleased.


If you would like to set up a virtual meeting on my way to Land’s End, get in touch. If you’re not too far off the path, I’ll bend the route, put a flag on the map at the meeting place and post a photo of it on the blog.


If you reckon there’s a wine that I ought to know about, please tell me. You can probably get an idea of my tastes from the posts so far, but I’m always open to new ideas.

Recent Posts

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  • Another virtual meeting – this time with Bob McC. He had been the first person to sign up as a meetee back in January, so it was a particular pleasure. He suggested The Farmers Arms, on his home patch of Poynton. (I don’t know how many farmers there are, so I’m not sure where the […]


  • Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot 2018 Vergelegen sounds to me like the noises you would hear as a drowning man goes down for the last time. I tried to forget this and approach the bottle with an open mind. Not bad, but a bit too oaky, a bit too fruity – I couldn’t help thinking it was […]