• Day 127 – Macclesfield

    Day 127 – Macclesfield

    Remelluri Reserva 2015

    Eternumviti (lower case ‘e’ to start) is the resident wine expert on pink fish media, although he denies this palpable truth.

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  • Day 126 – Poynton

    Day 126 – Poynton

    Another virtual meeting – this time with Bob McC. He had been the first person to sign up as a meetee back in January, so it was a particular pleasure.

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  • Day 125 – Norbury Moor

    Day 125 – Norbury Moor

    Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot 2018

    Vergelegen sounds to me like the noises you would hear as a drowning man goes down for the last time.

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  • Day 123 – Chorlton

    Day 123 – Chorlton

    J-M Alquier Faugères la Maison Jaune 2014

    This is an odd one. A few years ago I read a rather opinionated post on a wine forum saying that Mas de Daumas Gassac had completely lost the plot and that far better wines were coming out of other Languedoc vineyards.

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  • Day 120 – Rochdale

    Day 120 – Rochdale

    Dom. de la Butte Mi-Pente 2018

    Doing a search through the website it seems I haven’t yet opened a Jacky Blot Bourgeuil during the walk.

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  • Day 118 – Charlestown

    Day 118 – Charlestown

    Zind-Humbrecht Muscat Goldert 2017

    I’m not quite sure how the cellar logistics foul-up occurred, but I seem to have ended up with two Goldert bottles back-to-back.

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  • Day 116 – Oldfield

    Day 116 – Oldfield

    Ernest Burn Riesling Goldert la Chapelle 2011

    I don’t think I’ve covered this particular Burn before. It won’t take long. It’s Riesling, and you know what that tastes like.

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  • Day 114 – Thornton-in-Craven

    Day 114 – Thornton-in-Craven

    Chateau de Pitray 2016

    Question: How much should you expect from a bottle of Bordeaux that cost 10€? Answer: Well, a bit more than this, sorry.

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  • Day 112 – Malham

    Day 112 – Malham

    Julien Sunier Fleurie 2018

    Julien Sunier is, I’m led to believe by pundits who are paid to lead you to believe such things, almost as Young And Exciting as Matias Riccitelli.

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  • Day 110 – Silverdale

    Day 110 – Silverdale

    Bruno Sorg Pinot Gris Florimont 2016

    Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt, I’m ashamed to say. I looked in the holding wine cooler tonight for something to follow cook’s rainbow trout, chips and spring greens and felt a slight twinge of disappointment when I discovered this was the only bottle of white in there.

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