Day 123 – Chorlton

J-M Alquier Faugères la Maison Jaune 2014

This is an odd one. A few years ago I read a rather opinionated post on a wine forum saying that Mas de Daumas Gassac had completely lost the plot and that far better wines were coming out of other Languedoc vineyards. Alquier was one of the names mentioned. Now, I have no great love for the way Daumas Gassac is run and suspect they may have gone much too far in the glossy corporate direction, but I have to say this wine isn’t a patch on any MdDG I have had. It must be pointed out that it is half the price, though.

I see from my notes that I opened the first bottle two years ago and felt that it was better on the first day. This time it was nearly unapproachable when opened – thin, sharp and tannic. It took three hours for something remotely pleasant to emerge. The second day was better, with grenachy fruit appearing (it’s a blend with syrah.) But it was still quite tough going. I have one bottle left and I’m wondering if it’s going to get any better after nine years. I think I’ll give that one the Marchbanks decanter treatment – pour into roomy decanter, stop firmly, shake like crazy for a minute, allow to settle and pour back into bottle (I much prefer drinking from a bottle than from a decanter. I do sometimes use a glass though, ha ha) – which should at least determine if lack of aeration is the issue.

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