• Day 109 – Ribblehead

    Day 109 – Ribblehead

    A trip back to 1981…

    I’ve already mentioned my BBC ‘career’ and how it took me to Coldstream. A few years before that – just before Christmas 1981 – it took me to the Yorkshire Dales, not far from Settle.

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  • Day 108 – Gearstones

    Day 108 – Gearstones

    Brunier Mégaphone 2016 (again)

    Following on from the recent Lagrange, I’m eating my words again – this time the less-than-enthusiastic comments about my penultimate bottle of 2016 Mégaphone posted some 50 days ago.

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  • Day 106 – Hawdraw

    Day 106 – Hawdraw

    Chateau Lagrange 2000

    I bought a case of this en primeur, so they’ve been in the cellar for twenty years. This is the penultimate bottle, opened to celebrate 600 miles covered in my virtual walk.

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  • Day 105 – 600 miles

    Shortly after 100 days of virtual walking, 600 miles. When I first planned this hike I imagined that I’d be on the final stages after that distance – instead, I’m somewhere near Thwaite, still on the northern edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

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  • Day 104 – Keld

    Day 104 – Keld

    Tesco Finest Amarone 2019

    On my way to do some shopping this afternoon some twerp pulled out in front of me from a line of stationary traffic in an adjacent lane.

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  • Day 103 – God’s Bridge

    Day 103 – God’s Bridge

    Elevenses with a view – God’s Bridge, where the Pennine Way crosses the River Greta, named after Greta Thunberg. (Ok, I made that bit up.)

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  • Day 102 – nearing God’s Bridge

    Day 102 – nearing God’s Bridge

    Riccitelli Viejos Vinedos en Pie Franco 2016

    I could have written ‘nearing the A66’, but that doesn’t sound quite as profound for an OAP.

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  • Day 100 – Holwick

    Day 100 – Holwick

    100 days completed yesterday. Seems serendipitous, as I’m pretty much halfway down Britain and halfway across England. A celebration bottle will be opened tomorrow, but a Guinness or two will do the job for now.

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  • Day 99 – Cauldron Snout

    Day 99 – Cauldron Snout

    Domaine de Saint Cosme Deux Albion Blanc 2018

    A bit of a hiccup with this. I settled down to enjoy a bottle, but I feared something was wrong.

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  • Day 97 – coming down a little

    Day 97 – coming down a little

    Domaine Bruno Sorg Riesling Pfersigberg 2015

    Another bottle from Sorg, and I’m astonished to find it is only the second I have opened since the walk began.

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