Day 104 – Keld

Tesco Finest Amarone 2019

On my way to do some shopping this afternoon some twerp pulled out in front of me from a line of stationary traffic in an adjacent lane. I instinctively took evasive action, avoiding him but kerbing an alloy wheel in the process.

I stomped around Tesco in a fury, kicking partitions and scowling at small children. When I saw that they were offering 25% off any three bottles in their Finest range, I realised that buying wine was the best chance I had of lightening my mood. I chose Finest Amarone, the price coming down from £16 to £12, as one of the bottles, and decided it would be for immediate consumption.

Unfortunately my lighter mood didn’t last much beyond opening the bottle as I found the wine rather disappointing. Like the recent Aldi Condrieu I found it one-dimensional and lacking in interest. It was rather like sweet cherryade with a tannic backbone. Drinkable, but without a great deal of enjoyment. I didn’t think it was worth much more than £7-£8.

It did however have a very high ABV, 15.5%. Following a bottle of Rochefort 10 this led to a very deep and cosy sleep. Admittedly the next morning it took a while for me to fire on most cylinders, but what’s the point of being an OAP if you can’t make an extra slow start from time to time?

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