Day 89 – Ladyhill

Du Peloux Condrieu Princes de France 2019

Recently Aldi UK decided to flog off some of its higher-priced wines at half-price, bringing them down to ten quid. I missed out on the Pomerol, but grabbed three bottles of this Condrieu. I have never tasted a highly regarded Condrieu and looked forward to this, although I was under no misapprehensions as to its ultimate quality.

Well, it wasn’t bad at all. Although 100% Viognier it reminded me of a number of Rhone blends I’ve tried over the years. Nicely floral, with a little acidity – but ultimately a little one-dimensional, rather lacking in complexity and interest. But no complaints at the price paid, although I’d baulk at £20. Saint Cosme Deux Albion Blanc is a better buy at less than that, in my view.

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