• Day 7 – Newport

    Day 7 – Newport

    Bus pass!

    In June 2022 I became an OAP, and thus eligible for a Bus Pass. With all the other excitement that milestone brings (being paid for doing nothing, Winter Fuel Allowance etc.)

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  • Day 6 – Latheronwheel

    Day 6 – Latheronwheel

    2011 Ar Guentota Malbec. I’ve only discovered decent Argentinian Malbec in the last four or five years. I bought some 2017 of this en primeur which arrived earlier this year.

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  • Day 5 – Forse

    Day 5 – Forse

    William P Gottlieb’s Jazz Photos

    About six weeks ago, I saw a rather good photograph on the internet of Sidney Bechet playing his soprano sax.

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  • Day 4 – Blackness

    Day 4 – Blackness

    Charles Joguet Clos de la Dioterie 1995. Another ancient bottle fished from under the cobwebs in the ancestral cellars. Another that tastes wonderful, as if it has lots of life yet to come.

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  • Day 1 – Nybster

    Day 1 – Nybster

    Ernest Burn 2007 Muscat Vendages Tardives. I’ve loved Ernest Burn wines ever since first discovering them thirty years ago. Francis Burn is a winemaker of genius and manages to put an added richness in every bottle.

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