Day 57 – Newbridge

Mégaphone 2016

Time to eat humble pie (for the full redemptive effect I recommend a bottle of cooking wine to go with it…) – a few nights ago I wrote about the Bruniers’ Pigeoulet and grumbled about the folk who try to get us to drink wines before they can give of their best. Well, tonight I opened a bottle of Pigeoulet’s bigger brother, Mégaphone – and guess what? It was definitely in decline.

Although still possessed of a nice solid body the winning fruitiness had all but disappeared, making for a pleasant enough drink but one which was rather disappointing compared to the previous bottles. Still, no harm eating your words (am I getting my mixed metaphors in a total tangle here?), and it’s always good to know first hand what the longevity of a wine is rather than relying on others’ reviews. Only one bottle left, fortunately, then on to the 2018s. I’ll mark those down for drinking by the end of next year.

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