Day 59 – Balerno

Another virtual meeting – the second with the long-suffering SteveG! This one took place in Balerno, on the south-western fringes of Edinburgh. I wandered around the village in a virtual sort of way and noticed that the pretty Main Street, although short, contained a dog grooming parlour, a vet’s surgery and two gastro-pubs. That must be why Steve’s dogs Obi and Ludo look so healthy and well-turned out and why Steve enjoys living in Balerno. He chose one of the pubs, the Balerno Inn, as the preferred meeting place.

Next, a swerve back north-eastwards into the centre of Edinburgh for another virtual meeting – in another pub. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. And if that someone isn’t Lego Marchbanks, there’s hell to pay.

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