Day 56 – Forth Road Bridge

‘Many rivers to cross…’

…sang Jimmy Cliff, gloriously and affectingly. I wonder if he was inspired to write those lyrics while considering a virtual walk through Britain and looking at the map? It’s not really that hard to find your way over, though. You just have to keep going in a straight line – easier said than done in anything more than a light breeze, I admit. And for goodness’ sake keep one hand on your trilby, Jimmy, or it’ll be over the edge and on its way to Norway before you know it.

Today saw the end of Fife, the crossing of the Forth and the start of the approach to Edinburgh. MJ Richardson was there to record the moment. He was obviously so excited to see Lego Marchbanks coming off the bridge that he failed to spot his own shadow in shot.

Photo © M J Richardson (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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