Day 116 – Oldfield

Ernest Burn Riesling Goldert la Chapelle 2011

I don’t think I’ve covered this particular Burn before. It won’t take long. It’s Riesling, and you know what that tastes like. It’s Burn, and if you’ve read the pages preceding this you will know of the fabulously rich filters that adds. This is the Grand Cru Goldert variety, and a notch or two above the standard Burn offering in terms of round, rich lusciousness. One slight cloud – I can’t help thinking it might just be tiring a tiny bit. For a 12-year old white, not altogether surprising. One bottle left, and CT reckons it should be drunk this year. I agree.

The Burn section of Goldert is known as the Clos St-Imer. He’s the patron saint of the Burn village, Gueberschwihr (I know the word well enough to not have to check my spelling!) and that’s him on the label. He’s renowned for having slain a dragon that got in his way. That seems a little harsh on the dragon, and it’s probably punishable nowadays under the same laws that protect bats, but if he was desperate to get back home for a bottle or two of Burn wine it’s almost forgiveable.

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