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  • Day 102 – nearing God’s Bridge

    Day 102 – nearing God’s Bridge

    Riccitelli Viejos Vinedos en Pie Franco 2016

    I could have written ‘nearing the A66’, but that doesn’t sound quite as profound for an OAP.

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  • Day 71 – Cove

    Day 71 – Cove

    Gran Enemigo Gualtallary 2014

    The way my legendarily fallible memory tells it, it happened like this…

    My globe-trotting, wine-loving friend found himself in a Buenos Aires restaurant after the other customers had left, and in deep discussion with the sommelier.

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  • Day 24 – Balmore

    Day 24 – Balmore

    El Enemigo Chardonnay 2019. Bought from Bin End Wines, who specialise in surplus stock from restaurants and hotels. A friend and I bought up his entire remaining stock (only a dozen) between us when we were alerted.

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  • Day 6 – Latheronwheel

    Day 6 – Latheronwheel

    2011 Ar Guentota Malbec. I’ve only discovered decent Argentinian Malbec in the last four or five years. I bought some 2017 of this en primeur which arrived earlier this year.

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