Day 29 – Tomintoul

Virtual meeting no. 1 – SteveG

Day 29, and – at last – the first virtual meeting. It was with pink fish media member SteveG, whose favoured location was the Richmond Hotel, Tomintoul. Here we see Steve (right) and Obi (and friend, left) already in place.

Of course, weather conditions can be different for two participants in a virtual meeting, as was the case here. At the moment Steve was seeing this in Tomintoul…

…I was seeing this in Warwickshire. 

I probably won that one, but I don’t think there were any hard feelings on Steve’s part – he has gamely put himself up for another virtual meet when I reach Edinburgh!

Steve also suggested that going cross-country to Braemar was a good idea for the next part of the journey. I wasn’t sure at first as Google Maps refused to acknowledge a viable path. Until this point they had been my arbiter – no Google path, no way through. But I had second thoughts and looked instead at ORS. No problem, they said. And when I found a GPX route through the hills that I could import and virtually follow, I was sold on the idea. Even more so when Steve sent me a picture – taken on a camping trip -of the sort of thing I might expect.

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