Day 61 – Edinburgh

Virtual meeting no. 4 – TheDecameron.

But first, a stroll though the posher bits of the centre of Edinburgh (I always thought somewhere like Moray Place would be an ideal spot in which to spend my declining years – unfortunately I the amount of money I have means it would need to be in a tent on the pavement.

Then on to virtually meet pfm’s TheDecameron at his favoured location of the Little White Pig on Dublin Street. The second Gastropub meeting this week. I like Scotland. Good job I’m walking the calories off. A pint of Guinness while posing by the bar’s logo added a few more.

Self-portrait in two colours (sorry, Charles)

After receiving information today from the next virtual meetee I decided to change my route out of the city and am now heading back up towards the Firth of Forth. The virtual walk is getting longer and windier (that’s in the McCartney sense rather than the Beaufort one – at least I hope so) but what the hell? There’s no rush, and a world of wine to get through.

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