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  • Day 112 – Malham

    Day 112 – Malham

    Julien Sunier Fleurie 2018

    Julien Sunier is, I’m led to believe by pundits who are paid to lead you to believe such things, almost as Young And Exciting as Matias Riccitelli.

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  • Day 109 – Ribblehead

    Day 109 – Ribblehead

    A trip back to 1981…

    I’ve already mentioned my BBC ‘career’ and how it took me to Coldstream. A few years before that – just before Christmas 1981 – it took me to the Yorkshire Dales, not far from Settle.

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  • Day 80 – Coldstream

    Day 80 – Coldstream

    Part One – a detective story and a monument

    I wanted to include Coldstream on the virtual walk as a combination sentimental journey and detective story.

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  • Day 69 – Dunbar

    Day 69 – Dunbar

    Chateau Lamothe-Bergeron 2010

    How many famous people came from Dunbar? Well, there’s that actor bloke who played a cop, Aynsley of course, who played with Zappa – and John Muir, whose trail I have been following since Holyrood Park.

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  • Day 69 – Belhaven

    Day 69 – Belhaven

    A brewery and a Scots Guardsman

    Visiting the Belhaven Brewery was another suggestion from Dogberry on pink fish media following on from our virtual meeting outside a pub in Elie.

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  • Day 55 – Donibristle

    Day 55 – Donibristle

    Chateau Musar 2001

    I had wanted to open a special bottle to celebrate the 300-mile mark on the virtual walk The first available location was Kirkcaldy, and with respect to the town and its citizens the concrete sea-wall running the length of the Esplanade didn’t quite cut it somehow.

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  • Day 40 – Markethill

    Day 40 – Markethill

    One of the hazards of wearing a longish beard is the number of folk who feel the need to point out your resemblance to another random bearded person in an amusing and original fashion.

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  • Day 27 – the middle of nowhere

    Day 27 – the middle of nowhere

    An early start…

    Perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit – there’s a lot more nowhere to come, and I know I’m not that far from civilisation – but it’s pretty remote, take a look at the map!

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  • Day 17 – Culbokie

    Day 17 – Culbokie

    Leitch studio clocks…

    In another life I worked for the BBC. Still do from time to time, in fact. The things that have always fascinated me in their premises are the Leitch studio clocks.

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  • Day 13 – Loch Evelix

    Day 13 – Loch Evelix

    Mud, mud, glorious mud…

    A late afternoon walk today. Over the last couple of days there has been quite a bit of rain, resulting in quite deep puddles on the paths and a lot of squelchy mud in the fields.

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