Day 50 – Elie

A busy day. First a virtual meeting with Dogberry from pink fish media. His suggested location was the Ship Inn at Elie. I spotted him immediately, leaning against the wall drinking one of the cans of Buckfast he had promised to bring along. I politely turned down the can he offered me and instead rummaged in my knapsack. I pulled out the remains of last night’s bottle of l’Ancien. He took it gratefully, just as I was about to offer it.

Meeting accomplished, I set off for the next stage of the walk – a week or so along the Fife Coastal Path to the Forth Bridge. The very first section included a via ferrata, the Elie Chainwalk, 500m of scrambling up, down and along vague paths on the cliff-face whilst clinging to reassuringly shiny, thick chains drilled into the rock and pretending not to notice the sea swirling into the coves below. It’s a route option that can be bypassed, but what kind of a wimp wouldn’t have a go?

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