Day 51 – Lundin

Ernest Burn Riesling 2016

My third bottle of Burn since I started the virtual walk, following the Vendages Tardives and the Sylvaner. This is their standard Riesling and cost me 9€ when I last visited the vineyard – blimey – four years ago. Another Covid hole in the timeline. I can’t help comparing it to the JJ Prüm Auslese I had a couple of weeks ago, and of course it isn’t as good – less fruit, less acidity, less sweetness, less concentration – but of course much less expensive. About one-third the price, in fact. But it’s always interesting to note the similarities and differences between Mosel and Alsace Rieslings, and although the Burn is the lesser wine it is still very good, and represents excellent value. I still have two of these left, and although CellarTracker is telling me I must finish them off this year, I don’t feel there is a rush – this one still tasted lively enough to me.

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