Day 27 – the middle of nowhere

An early start…

Perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit – there’s a lot more nowhere to come, and I know I’m not that far from civilisation – but it’s pretty remote, take a look at the map!

I mentioned a few days ago that although I’m a retired OAP I’m occasionally called upon to provide my own brand of what I laughingly call ‘expertise’. It’s a nice way of meeting up with old friends, catching up with others’ news while waiting for the coffee machine to perform its cleaning routine (which it does around three times during every cup made) and earning money with which to replenish the wine cellar.

This is a work week, which means getting up unfathomably early to get in a few miles clocked up on the virtual walk before driving in. Once out of the door, however, the frosty morning and the sight of the bright sunlight breaking through the remains of the mist made it feel good to be outside.

Once at work, I discovered that it was actually colder inside than outside. Apologies were made on behalf of the frozen-up air conditioning system and I was given a personal oil-filled radiator to cuddle while waiting for it to thaw out again. What can an old man do? Well, this one fired up his small army of MacBooks, pulled his gloves on tightly again, practised his grumpiest expression and demanded coffee and chocolates be brought.

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