Day 15 – Inchindown

The Inchindown oil tanks…

I discovered the Inchindown oil tanks by chance on Google Maps. When I read the only review, which explained nothing but simply said “we were shown the tanks by Rick and his mate” I thought it was just a joke, albeit a funny one. An hour of research later, I had discovered that they are in fact very special indeed. Gigantic cathedral-sized underground tanks that were used for oil storage during WW2, they have now been decommissioned and apparently hold a world record as the structure with the longest reverberation time on the planet. As such they have attracted the attention of musicians and producers, Mark Ronson being one recent visitor. I have a recording in my collection of Stuart Dempster playing didgeridoo and trombone with his ensemble in a disused water tank in the USA – I imagine the effect is similar.

Lego Marchbanks was inspired to reach into his bottomless rucksack and pull out his alto sax. Think yourself lucky you weren’t there to hear the result. I know I do.

Photo © Dave Thompson (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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