Day 45 – St Michaels

Triguedina Malbec du Clos Cahors 2018 – it seems to me that Malbecs on supermarket shelves are always several years younger than they should be, if the idea is to get the punters to buy a bottle to drink that night. This one (which cost £7.50 during a Waitrose 25% off promo) had been in the cellar for nearly two years, and although more approachable from the off than earlier bottles it still had a roughness and tannic thwack at first. On the second day things had smoothed out and calmed down considerably, and it seemed like a very good deal at the price. I suppose an extra three years in storage before selling would mean an increase in cost, but I can’t help thinking that selling immature wine to people who probably don’t have the facility to keep it for a long period isn’t going to help Malbec’s reputation. And so we get marketing tosh like International Malbec Day.

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