Day 75 – Burnmouth

J-P Brun Terres Dorées Le Ronsay

From the same Beaujolais whizz that brings us l’Ancien, this is the domaine’s ‘entry level’ offering. I fear I might sound like I’m damning this with faint praise, but that’s not the intention. If ever a wine deserved the (horrible) description ‘easy to drink’, this is it. It’s light, uncomplicated and very tasty. Therein lies the problem for me. I don’t feel I want to savour every mouthful and find new complexities, I want to swallow it, say ‘yum’ and repeat. So maybe it’s best as a wine for summer parties or picnics. It doesn’t really hit the spot when you are trying, say, to unpick the layers of The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. I’d sooner have a bottle of l’Ancien in front of me for that.

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