Day 10 – Brora

Vieille Julienne Trois Sources CdP 2011. I bought a bottle of this before my birthday when someone was offloading them in bond at £30. Poor year, past its best, what could possibly go wrong? I limited myself to one. Guess what? I thought it was terrific, so went to buy some more. All gone, but another client of the merchant was selling them at £35. Doh!! I bought three. This is the first, and it is still terrific. More proof (see Roc de Cambes, Clos des Papes) that a supposedly crummy vintage doesn’t have to mean a crummy wine. En revanche, I had a bottle of the same house’s Lieu-dit Clavin CdR 2017 and was seriously underwhelmed. At twice the price of Guigal CdR it was a non-starter. Win some, lose some…

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